I wanted to find someone who shares my beliefs that life is beautiful and the universe is a friendly place. I found love at Oasis Rising Center - phone (702) 804-8189

Insights from participants:

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    New Thought includes the freedom to let my hair down, when and where I choose.

    Janet H.

    participating for 5 years

    At Oasis Rising Center I found a delightful group of people. We share a love based spirituality which is truly empowering. For many years, I thought I was alone in understanding that there are universal spiritual principles which are shared within all compassionate spiritual paths. Oasis Rising Center has show me that I am not alone.

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    Animals are the priorities for some people.  We don't have children to love, so we pamper our dogs or cats.  Medical Science teaches that many cat lovers have Toxo, but everyone is loved at Oasis Rising Center

    Eleanor M.

    Animal Chaplain with 3 years of participation

    I grew up on a farm, and feel a strong connection to the land. Today I live in an urban community. At Oasis Rising Center I have found a community of like minded souls who love life and share a common understanding that the answer to creating a better world is found in wisdom which is knowledge + compassion. We talk about real issues that affect our lives. We ask questions about life and find answers rooted in Ancient Wisdom, yet enfolding today's insights.

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      Art is another way to shape our reality
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      Bill J.

      participant for over 2 years.

      Joining Oasis Rising Center led me to Eleanor. She is an amazing soul who shares my belief that life is precious. I found a community filled with people who are kind, caring and ask questions! Individually we have our points of view, together we have collective wisdom and can take action to create a more compassionate world.

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    Oasis Rising Center is a community filled with beautiful people like you

    Anne W.

    participating for 3 years.

    I grew up in a regular church. Every Sunday we were 'treated' to a sermon about how the world was coming to an end and regular people who weren't at that church were going to hell without a handbasket. My friends at school were all supposedly doomed. As soon as I got old enough to say 'no' I left. I never thought I would go to church again. Then I found Oasis Rising Center and discovered that real spirituality isn't about fear or denying oneself, real spirituality is about love. Loving each other and the Divine within.

We live joyfully

Join us for a celebration of life! We are regular folk, like you. We meet, we greet and we are joyful in company of others who share the simple truth that love is the answer!


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