Come Celebrate Life with us!

Come Celebrate With Us every Sunday:

Meditation 10:45 am
Celebration at 11am

Join us:

Oasis Rising Center 8125 West Sahara Avenue, Las Vegas, NV 89125

Meditation is sweeter than candy, learn more at Oasis Rising Center



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Together we are making a difference.

Our Online Calendar

In addition to our Sunday Service at 10:30am Oasis Rising Center has some wonderful events! You can find updates here as well as News!

Ongoing Activities

Oasis Rising Center offers ongoing classes and activities

Special Spiritual Services

As New Thought matures, we see evolving memes emerging. New Thought Holidays throughout the year and New Thought Ceremonies which are truly new and thoughtful.

News Letter signup

Sign up for our e-news, it is usually weekly.

We have a wonderful New Spiritual Leader!

Come and meet Our Compassionate Leader , our delightful new minister.

Rental Services

We provide both space and equipment rentals to members and in some cases others.

We live joyfully

Join us for a celebration of life! We are regular folk, like you. We meet, we greet and we are joyful in company of others who share the simple truth that love is the answer!


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