Oasis Rising Classes

New Thought Classes from The Universal Foundation For Better Living start with Basic Truth Principles.

Universal Foundation For Better Living

Our Oasis Rising classes offer you the opportunity to learn Spiritual Practices and apply them to your life

Transform your life through The Universal foundation For Better Living, Inc.

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Oasis Rising Ministries, Inc.

We have 12 to 15 weeks of classes. Some short self discovery classes are from 4 to 6 weeks. Basic Truth Principle 1 & 2 is taught throughout the entire year.

Students wishing to experience increased prosperity should make arrangments to sign up for a monthly tithe through paypal.

Students that do not wish to experience prosperity can simply give a Love offering
for these classes.

A nominal fee of $15.00 is required at registration for all classes.

Basic Truth Principle

Classes are held, on Wednesdays, and begin at 3:00 p.m. Classes are ongoing. We offer Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter classes. For details call Rev. E. Peggy Kenner at (702) 804-8189. Also call for details for l up and coming, continued extended seminars.

On line classes for the Universal Foundation For Better Living teachers and ministers are available on line. You may log on to ufblonline.org for detail, or you may register NOW by calling Darnetia at (305-624-4991)

You may receive CEU credits through the Johnnie Colemon Theological Seminary if you are a UFBL teacher or minister. Tuitions and costs vary. Call Darnetia for details at (305-624-4991) or log on to http://www.ufblonline.org

Other people not associated with UFBL may also take classes if you meet other requirements. For details, contact UFBL on line, or at their phone numbers listed. You may also contact a center in your area for details.



Our Classes

are accredited by UFBL

Welcome to the Education Department of Oasis Rising Ministries. Our classes are accredited (through The Universal Foundation For Better Living Inc.), and unaccredited classes are taught as well.

The Johnnie Colemon Institute (JCI) Offers:

Other (JCI) offerings:
  • Master Certificate Programs (offered at local UFBL churches and centers).
  • Teacher training
  • Seminars and Workshops
  • Leadership Training
  • Correspondence Courses.

Join Us!

Rev. Peggy Kenner @ Oasis Rising in Las Vegas, NV

Oasis Rising
Sunday Celebration Services
12 noon at
Family Music Center's Auditorium (rear of store),
8125 W. Sahara,
Las Vegas, NV. 89125

Give us a call:

Christ is love!


Our approach to spiritual enlightenment is one that is stimulating and supportive.

Join us for deep loving Spiritual Celebration

Our purpose is to provide an environment by which the student may find God in themselves as well as the in “others. We behold the Christ in you, and each individual needs to behold the Christ in others as well as in themselves.

The aim of Oasis Rising Ministries, Education Department is to prepare individuals to live a better life NOW.

Oasis Rising seeks to anchor the students’ spiritual practices. This supports each student in deepening their own relationship with God.

Our purpose is to reveal the Self to the self, and empower others to minister effectively in the world.

We continue to explore ways in which to engage all learners, such as auditory, visual, and

Classes are dynamic, co-creative and vibrant. We do not teach you what to think, but how to think.

We invite you to come along with us on the exciting journey, reaping the rich rewards of a life fully realized in love and spiritual principles.

I look forward to seeing you in classes!

Peace and blessings,
Rev. E. Peggy Kenner


Our Postal Address:

Oasis Rising Ministries
3816 Diamond Ridge St.
Las Vegas, NV 89129